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Fresh Roasted Gourmet Coffee

Frequently Asked Questions

How fresh is your coffee?

Our obsession is all about fresh roasted coffee! We roast your coffee when ordered, and ship right to your front door or office.

Where does your coffee come from?

Coffee is grown in many places around the world, and at Valley Forge Coffee, you know where your coffee beans come from when you order! We have coffee varieties from Costa Rica, Indonesia, Jamaica, Hawaii and even as close as Mexico. These are just a few of the more popular areas our coffees come from.

How do I know what roast to pick?

With the exception of flavored coffee varieties, we allow you to choose how you want your coffee beans roasted. We realize different people have different tastes, and even varrying tastes from time to time. That said, it is also true that some beans are better roasted light and some better dark, but most can be roasted any way you want. There are as many opinions as there are coffee lovers! If you are unsure, we have our coffee roast defaulted to the roast profile we like and recommend. Feel free to experiment!

What is the best way to brew coffee?

There are many ways to brew coffee, and no one way is best! Many coffee lovers like to use a French Press to extract all the flavor possible out of the beans, yet for others, this provides too much of a good thing and they prefer a good drip brewer. Yet others could not imagine starting their day without a fresh pressed shot of espresso.

Whatever your favorite method there are a few universal rules to brewing a great cup of java:

  • Start with clean filtered or spring water. If you are lucky enough to have well water or spring water without a strong mineral flavor you are fortunate. For most, we recommend some sort of home water filter or purified drinking water.

  • Use high quality beans, kept fresh by keeping your beans in an airtight container in the one way valve bag they came in. Do NOT freeze your coffee beans, this destroys many of the flavors in the coffee. If you need to store it for a long time, you can use the fridge but only as a last resort. Room temperature is best.

  • Grind your beans just before brewing.

  • Use the right amount of coffee per cup, a good rule of thumb is 1/2 cup of coffee for a 12 cup drip maker, or 1 tablespoon of coffee per 6 ounce cup for average strength, 2 tablespoons per 6 ounce cup for strong coffee. Do not be afraid to experiment!

  • If using a French Press, boil the water and let it cool for 30 seconds to a minute. You do not want to have your water boiling as you pour it over the grounds. As you pour, consider difusing the water by pouring over a wooden spoon, or metal one if that is all you have. Then with a wooden spoon stir the grounds (or push the plunger to the bottom and back up again) and set the timer for 5 minutes. Adjust time and amount of coffee until you find your perfect brew!

Can I ship Valley Forge Coffee to other people as a gift?

Yes, you can order coffee for anyone you like and have it shipped directly to them. We also have gift certificates available if you prefer allowing them to be able to pick out their own coffee selection.

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