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Fresh Roasted Gourmet Coffee

About Us

The Valley Forge Coffee Experience

Welcome to Valley Forge Coffee. We are dedicated to bringing you the world's most premium coffee varieties, roasted to order, and shipped out immediately. No warehousing, no "best used by" date 10 months in the future. We believe coffee is best enjoyed within the first few weeks of roasting.

We believe that our freshness obsession provides a premium coffee experience that can not be rivalled. We think you will agree too, from the very moment you receive your first order and smell that glorious fresh roasted coffee, even before opening the package!

Our Vision

Valley Forge Coffee was born of a vision to bring premium exceptional tasting coffee to people right in their homes and offices. We learned about the vast differences of flavor in coffee through experience and started to wonder, how can we make great tasting full bodied coffee at home? The coffee beans we would buy at the supermarkets and the large chains just lacked that gourmet coffee shop taste.

Once we learned the secret was fresh roasted premium beans, we wanted to recreate that experience at home and make it accessible to anyone, any time. This was the start of our journey to discover premium coffee at its finest.

Why we chose Valley Forge Coffee as our name

Many people have asked us why we chose Valley Forge Coffee for our name. When we started to research coffee, its early origins and how it came to The America's and specifically the USA, it is quite interesting and rich in history, at least to us!

One thing we noticed what that coffee played a huge role in the American Revolution. Coffee became a symbolic drink in the revolutionary war era and was a quiet protest against England and high taxation of the Colonies. Valley Forge and Philadelphia were familiar stomping grounds for us and when we connected coffee to the American Revolution the name just seemed to fit. We are glad that so many of you have agreed.

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